Stuart Waterman
Online Community Manager
AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians)
Stephen has produced several videos for AAT across a range of themes, and on each occasion I’ve been impressed by his ability to take ideas/concepts and create engaging visuals and narratives that fit. For AAT he’s created animated infographics, humorous lists and custom animation, all of which have been very popular with the online community and external stakeholders alike, and which have allowed AAT to add a new dimension to its brand identity.

While Stephen has lots of creative flair, he’s also very accommodating and totally receptive to feedback, which makes working with him a pleasure. I’d happily recommend him.

Geoff Courts
Marketing Manager
Macnamara ICT Ltd
We hired Stephen to make our first company video (https://vimeo.com/80368472) and the results were fantastic. We didn’t really know how to conceptualise what we were doing, but Stephen generated some awesome out of the box ideas, and managed to convey visually what we do far better than we have so far managed to describe in words.

He was totally receptive to our change requests throughout the process, kept us up to date with each revision, set out the time table and managed and then exceeded our expectations.

Additionally he helped us with some extra voiceovers for some other videos we had, and helped us achieve consistency across them all. Upfront with his costs and methods throught.

I would have no hesitation recommending him again.

Jon Collins
Head of Production
On Broadcast Communications
Great working with Steve. Very creative and professional. He added a new lease of life to project which needed it and couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Dharmacari Singhamanas
Online Manager
London Buddhist Centre
We have been very pleased with the motion graphics we have commissioned from moving vision. The work was quick, clever and remarkably sensitive to our brief. We have also commissioned Stephen Heppel to tutor some of our team in using AfterEffects and would recommend his expertise to anyone who cares about contemporary media and innovative publicity.