10 Uses for Motion Graphics

#1:          Explain Yourself! Say who you are, what you do, your USP and CTA in a snappy funky looking, animated video.

Sperm and Egg Play IconSmall

#2           Make a Splash in Social Media! Make ‘Tweeteos’ and ‘Facebook Films’.

#3           Say it with Motion Graphics! Happy Christmas! Happy Easter! Happy Anniversary! Happy divorce!

#4           Make you talking heads sexier! – (they can look a little drab) with Idents to kick them off, on screen animations illustrating what they’re saying, cool backgrounds..

#5           Educate! History, Languages, Maths, Rocket Science in a nutshell (how hard can it be?) Give visual learners a headstart by unpacking ideas with sound and motion.

#6           Inform!- do you produce newsletters?  Why not turn them into a video?

#7           Instruct!- How to fix a puncture, build a paper mache dinosaur, froth milk for a cappuccino…

#8           Animate Infographics! Inforgraphics are cool, animated infographics are way cooler.

#9           Visual Viagra for your Website: Website + Motion = INTEREST

#10         Share Your Vision! Speak to the soul with images, colours and music and sounds.


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